Shareholder Returns

Basic Policy of Appropriation of Profits and Dividend Forecast

Comprehensive decisions on shareholder returns will be made based on the Company’s basic policy to pay dividends consistently and its total shareholder return target of more than 30%, while also taking into consideration the Company’s business results and cash position, among other factors.
In addition, in gratitude for the years of support by shareholders marking the tenth anniversary of the founding of the Company in October 2020, and in general consideration of factors such as recent performance trends, the Company decided to increase the 2nd quarter-end dividend of surplus and the year-end dividend of surplus by 2.50 yen each per share to 22.50 yen each, bringing the annual dividends to 45 yen.
Furthermore, executed share repurchase of 9.5 bil.yen.

Dividend per share

Dividend per share
  FYE March 2018 FYE March 2019 FYE March 2020 FYE March 2021
Annual dividends per share 35 yen 40 yen 40 yen 45 yen
Dividend payout ratio 24.1% (Note) 23.6% 26.7% 29.5%


Share repurchase 10.4 bil.yen 9.5 bil.yen
Total return ratio 24.1% (Note) 23.6% 95.4% 89.2%

(Note) FYE 3/2019 figures exclude the impact of extraordinary gains from the recent acquisitions (negative goodwill of 10.0 bil. yen).