1. MIRAIT Holdings Corporation was established in October 2010 through the management integration of Daimei, Commuture and TODENTSU, each of which had a history of more than half a century centered on building communication infrastructure in partnership with telecommunications carriers.
  2. On October 1, 2012, the three operating companies were reorganized into two entities (MIRAIT and MIRAIT Technologies).
  3. Since the management integration, the MIRAIT Group has pressed forward with the structural shift to become a “Comprehensive Engineering and Service Company”through M&A and other efforts.

NTT Business

  1. Construction, maintenance and operation of fixed communication facilities for NTT
  • Home and outdoor work
  • Large scale outdoor work (Pole renewal , Other)
  • Public engineering works(manholes, conduit facilities, public utility facilities)
  • Network line work
  • Facility management services (repairs, cable maintenance)

Multi-Carrier Business

  1. Construction, maintenance and operation of mobile communication facilities
  2. NCC fixed communication equipment, CATV work, Global etc.
  • Construction of outdoor base stations (LTE, etc.)
  • Construction of indoor base station(inside buildings, subways, etc.)
  • Carrier networking(fixed facilities of telecommunications carriers, etc.)
  • Global (work on facilities of overseas telecommunications carriers)

Environmental & Social Innovation Business

  1. Environment and new energy
  2. Creation of social infrastructure
  3. Construction, maintenance and operation of electrical and air conditioning facilities of general companies, etc.
  • Solar power, battery , EV charging, etc.
  • Building electrical facilities, air conditioning, sanitation, etc.
  • Public engineering works, communication engineering works, public sewer works, etc.

ICT Solution Business

  1. Cloud computing, office solutions, Wi-Fi, software, etc.
  2. Construction, maintenance and operation of telecommunication systems f general companies, etc.
  • Cloud computing, office solutions, Wi-Fi & solutions
  • Creation of LAN, WAN, wireless LAN
  • Software development (System design, application development, etc.)
  • On-site maintenance services, remote monitoring services, etc.
  • Installation of PBX / IP-PBX systems, etc.

(1) Expansion of Business Domains (Overview)

  1. Expand the "breadth" of our business domains → Expansion from upstream to downstream processes
    (planning, design, construction, maintenance, operation, etc.)
  2. Increase the "height" of our business domains → Total solutions incorporating upper layer + lower layer
  3. Strive to expand into new business domains → Contribute to the creation of social infrastructure such as cloud & network, stock business, Wi-Fi, software, environment & energy, and global business
  4. Leverage the Group's comprehensive technology to contribute to the "creation of social infrastructure and social innovation" as a "Comprehensive Engineering and Service Company"

(2) Future Focus Areas (Frontier Domains)

  FYE March 2015 FYE March 2016 FYE March 2017 FYE March 2018
Total dividends 2.4 bil.yen 2.4 bil.yen 2.4 bil.yen 2.7 bil.yen
Net income 11.1 bil.yen 3.6 bil.yen 6.4 bil.yen 11.5 bil.yen
Annual dividends per share Interim 15 yen 15 yen 15 yen 15 yen
Year-end 15 yen 15 yen 15 yen 20 yen
Total 30 yen 30 yen 30 yen 35 yen
Share repurchase - - 2.5 bil.yen -
Consolidated dividend payout ratio 22.0% 67.2% 37.6% 24.1%
Consolidated total return ratio 22.0% 67.2% 76.6% 24.1%
ROE 9.5% 3.0% 5.2% 8.8%

  1. Expand the Company’s business domains to address changes in the social structure and the telecommunications environment.
  2. Transform the Company’s business model to respond to more diverse client needs.
  3. Promote profit-oriented business operations to enhance the Company‘s enterprise value and to continue to grow as a“Comprehensive Engineering and Service Company”.

Net sales 340.0 bil. yen
Operating income 17.0 bil. yen
(Operating income margin: 5.0%)
ROE More than 8%
Shareholder return policy
  1. Stable and consistent payment of dividends.
  2. Decisions to be made by taking into consideration the Company’s business results and cash position, based on a rough total return ratio target of more than 30%.

Expanding the business domains / reforming the business model

  1. Expand into “frontier domains” such as environmental and energy, IoT and global business.
  2. Broaden the line-up of services by quality and price to address client needs.
  3. Expand businesses by leveraging the Company’s strengths, such as diverse technologies, established client base, and nation-wide operational network.
  4. Enhance sales capabilities through partnerships.

Improving the business base and profitability

  1. Smooth construction workload and review group formations.
  2. Achieve better efficiency by generating synergies within the Group.
  3. Improve profitability by enforcing the account system and through better income/ expense management of individual projects.

Strengthening human resources

  1. Enhance technological capabilities by promoting qualifications, etc.
  2. Enhance comprehensive engineering capabilities to respond to client expectations.
  3. Achieve a vibrant workplace by promoting workstyle reforms.

Changing the corporate culture

  1. Promote CSR through enhanced governance and environmental initiatives.