What kind of company is MIRAIT?

This is an introduction of MIRAIT Holdings.

Formation of the MIRAIT Group

  • Established in 10/2010 with the management integration of Daimei, Commuture and TODENTSU, each with a history of more than half a century centered on building communication infrastructure.
  • Promoted the structural shift to become a ”Comprehensive Engineering and Services Company” through M&A and other efforts following the management integration.
  • Three operating companies were reorganized into two entities (MIRAIT and MIRAIT Technologies) on October 1, 2012.
  • Acquired Lantrovison(S)Ltd in Singapore in 6/2016 to expand global business.
  • Management integration with TTK in 10/2018, and Solcom and Shikokutsuken in 1/2019, to further enhance the Group’s business base and corporate value.

Business of four support the life and society

NTT Business

  • Construction, maintenance and operation of fixed communication facilities for NTT
  • Home and outdoor work
  • Large scale outdoor work (Pole renewal , Other)
  • Public engineering works(manholes, conduit facilities, public utility facilities)
  • Network line work
  • Facility management services (repairs, cable maintenance)

Multi-Carrier Business

  • Construction, maintenance and operation of mobile communication facilities
  • NCC fixed communication equipment, CATV work, Global etc.
  • Construction of outdoor base stations
  • Construction of indoor base station(inside buildings, subways, etc.)
  • Carrier networking(fixed facilities of telecommunications carriers, etc.)
  • Global (work on facilities of overseas telecommunications carriers)

Environmental & Social Innovation Business

  • Environment and new energy
  • Creation of social infrastructure
  • Construction, maintenance and operation of electrical and air conditioning facilities of general companies, etc.
  • Solar power, battery , EV charging, etc.
  • Building electrical facilities, air conditioning, sanitation, etc.
  • Public engineering works, communication engineering works, public sewer works, etc.

ICT Solution Business

  • Cloud computing, office solutions, Wi-Fi, software, etc.
  • Construction, maintenance and operation of telecommunication systems f general companies, etc.
  • Cloud computing, office solutions, Wi-Fi & solutions
  • Creation of LAN, WAN, wireless LAN
  • Software development (System design, application development, etc.)
  • On-site maintenance services, remote monitoring services, etc.
  • Installation of PBX / IP-PBX systems, etc.

Net sales by business category

Transforming the Business Structure

1. Transforming the Business Structure (Overview)

2. Expanding into New Business Domains (Frontier Businesses)

Shareholder Returns

Shareholder Returns

  FYE March 2018 FYE March 2019 FYE March 2020 FYE March 2021
Net income 11.5 bil. yen 25.7 bil. Yen 15.2 bil. yen 24.2 bil. yen
Annual dividends per share 35 yen 40 yen 40 yen 45 yen
Total dividends 2.7 bil. yen 3.7 bil. yen 4.0 bil. yen 4.7 bil. yen
Consolidated dividend payout ratio 24.1% 13.5%
26.7% 19.6%
Issued number of shares (thousands) 85,381 108,325 108,325 108,325
Number of dilutive shares (thousands) 12,061 12,098
Number of treasury shares (thousands) 5,840 6,418 479 6,482
Share repurchase 10.4 bil.yen 9.5 bil. yen
Consolidated total return ratio 24.1% 13.5%
95.4% 59.0%
ROE 8.8% 15.4%
7.4% 11.0%
Figures in ( ) for consolidated dividend payout ratio, consolidated total return ratio and ROE exclude the impact of negative goodwill from the recent acquisitions.

Mid-term Plan

Business environment

  • Upcoming era of 5G and advanced mobile services
  • Development of new ICT technologies and IoT(cloud, use of drones, etc.)
  • Building of leading-edge/ advanced infrastructure in light of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics/ increase in inbound tourists.
  • Progress in labor-saving and automation to resolve issue of shortage of labor
  • Increase in new energy-related facilities and social infrastructure

Tailwind for the MIRAIT Group

Targets (FYE March 2022)

Mid-term Target Forecast
Net sales 450.0 bil. yen 470.0 bil. yen
Operating income 27.0 bil. yen 30.5 bil. yen
Operating income ratio 6.0% 6.5%
ROE More than 8%
Shareholder return policy
  • Stable and consistent payment of dividends.
  • Comprehensive decisions to be made taking into consideration the Company’s business results and cash position, based on the rough total return ratio of more than 30%.
  • Shareholder returns to be considered with the objective of achieving ROE of more than 8%.

Theme of Mid-term Plan

  • Aim to be a company that contributes to the “smart society”, through initiatives to enhance competitiveness amid the changing business environment with the upcoming era of 5G, penetration of IoT and launch of new services that combine various technologies.

Key initiatives

  • Generate new business opportunities
  • Accelerate transformation of business structure
  • Enhance productivity and reduce costs through efficient operations
  • Strengthen human resources
  • Promote ESG-oriented management, safety and quality initiatives
  • Capital policy